I write mainstream, mystery, and science fiction, as well as literary essays and book reviews for small and micro press books. Follow the links on this page to learn more. Don't get lost.


I have published three novels, one science fiction title, The Measure of the Universe, and two mysteries, The Hatch and Brood of Time and Unfold the Evil.

Short stories

My first short story was published in 1971 in Yankee Magazine. My short story about Egypt, Bridges and Trees was published on-line in 1999. It took fifth place in that year's Predators and Editors Best On-line Short Stories of 1999. Partners, a murder msytery set in the world of duplicate bridge featuring newspaper reporter Natalie Joday, the heroine of my two mysery novels, is on sale as a download from Amazon Shorts.


There is a great need for serious, full-length reviews of small and micro-press titles. If you would like to have your book reviewed, please drop me a line with the details.

The work in progress: Enkidu

Based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, this series takes place in the distant future.