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Death plays a hand!

Natalie Joday, the detecting newspaper reporter featured in Hatch and Brood of Time and Unfold the Evil, is engaged in a tense off-duty battle at the bridge table when a rival player keels over. Whodunnit, and why?

Murder most foul at a sedate New Jersey bridge tournament? Trump that!

An original short story available for 49 cents as a download from Amazon Shorts, the new and exciting digital publications arm of Amazon.com.

Bridges and Trees

The story of a simple life in Egypt, where a day,
a year, and a lifetime pass without distinction, but not without notice.

Published by Gowanus Ezine, Autumn 1999

Fifth place in Predators and Editors Best On-line Short Story of 1999.

Nabu and the Chancy Way

Excerpted from Enkidu

A tale of The First Days, in which the paths of two outcasts, both on a hopeless quest, cross. Published in Dark Moon Rising, January 2003.

Update – Nov. 2005 – My artist friend Joes de
and I are working together to bring out
an illustrated book version of Nabu. To the right
is an example of Joes' work--just exactly what I
see when I picture Amara!


An imaginary tennis broadcast presented in honor
of the best satellite TV station in the world--and its
commentators.... Published in
1st Serve Tennis Ezine,
February 2000.

For Strider

A horse story.

Ellen Larson's first published short story
appeared in Yankee Magazine in 1974.

Based on an experience that occurred on her beloved farm as a child, this short story
is a poignant tale of fathers and daughters.