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Full reviews of small press and ebooks, because everybody deserves to be treated to "the works."

Invisible Chains

A stalker is after the head of a counselling
service for abused spouses in modern Florida.
All signs point to the husband of one of
Maddy Taylor's clients, but which one?
Nora Pena's first novel is a how-to
guide for women—and men—trying to
get out of a destructive relationship.
Oh, and, did I mention, it's a
crackerjack mystery, too.

A Case of Poetic Justice

A review of the first book in Kate Saundby's

award-winning Nublis Chronicles. Nublis:

a place where Fantasy meets SF and political

satire feels right at home, too.

Pay Out and Pay Back

A review of Barbara A. Scot's action

adventure thriller, featuring the hair

-raising adventures of that group

of international secret agents

known only as...The Team.

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