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Substantive editing

Kickstarter: Editing Discount Available - March/April 2013

Until 12 April, I am running a Kickstarter Project to create a book trailer for my upcoming sci-fi murder mystery, In Retrospect.

Check out the Kickstarter Video I've put together, then click here to check out the rewards, which include discounted editing services at the higher reward levels.


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You can spell check, you can grammar check, you can buy a program that promises to structure your article or book in "professional" style. But in the end, none of these modern tools will help you make your writing better, or guarantee that what you meant to write is what you wrote.

My clients include international organizations, fiction publishers, professional writers, and just plain folks. Click here to read some testimonials and decide for yourself.

If you are looking for feedback from an experienced writing professional, at any stage of your writing project, please drop me a line.

Language editing

Working with a text that is written in English by a non-native speaker presents specific challenges: Did you remove the chaff without touching the wheat; did you preserve the factual content while bringing the language into standard usage; and above all, did you fulfill the author's intent--indeed did you make his or her meaning more clear than it was before?

Fifteen years of working with non-native writers in various scientific fields (primarily agriculture) has given me the skill set to meet those challenges. When you find yourself facing not one or two editorial issues a paragraph, but one or two--or ten or twelve--per sentence, you know what it means to be a language editor. If you are in need of such services, please click here, or on any of the editing links.


"Studded with clever double entendres and puns, this makes an engaging weekend read for language lovers." -Booklist Aug 2002

The above quote is pulled from a review of Measure of the Universe, a science fiction novella set in the Greek Islands of the late 21st century, where a visiting alien researcher and a local scientist join forces in a futuristic adventure.

Writing science fiction (as it is called) is an inescapable passion; an attempt to imagine an existence located further along the arrow of time. For who would be foolish enough to imagine that our moment in time is the one in which humanity has reached the pinnacle (or the nadir) of human wisdom (or evil).

But life is full of passions, and in addition to science fiction, I am drawn to write mysteries--puzzle mysteries, as well as mainstream fiction. To be frank, when I write, I don't differentiate between one genre and another in terms of theme and characterization. Science fiction (mine, anyway) takes place in the future, but the rules of existence remain the same. The mysteries follow a unique structure that does not much resemble everyday life, but then--what book does? All writing is fantasy.

My books and short words are available in paper and electronically. Please click here for specifics on where you can purchase my work.