The NJ Mysteries

Follow the adventures of Natalie Joday, reporter by day, supersleuth by night, as she unravels the trickiest mysteries her quiet community in northeastern New Jersey has to off--even the murders. Book I and Book II of the four book series are now available.


 Book I -

The Hatch and Brood of Time

Natalie Joday, a newspaper reporter with a knack for getting at the facts, is pulled into a murder investigation by an anguished young woman's cry for help. But her compassion turns to fear when she discovers that her brother--a natural magnet for trouble--may be involved. A lifetime of painful run-ins with the legal system has left Natalie wary of the police, so she sets out to solve the case herself by uncovering the secrets of the past--even when the secrets are her own.

Set in modern northeastern New Jersey, The Hatch and Brood of Time is a tale of family relationships, personal redemption...and murder.


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ISBN 0-9669877-0-5
 "Larson creates a wonderful cast of characters surrounding the murder victim herself, Lydia Dow, the beautiful, dramatic, danger-addicted nymph who flits in and out of Daniel's life, even in death, driving him to distraction; the Dow family itself, deliciously evil and manipulative.... Highly recommended." ­Midwest Book Review

 Book II -

Unfold the Evil

Reporter Natalie Joday's career is at a crossroads. She thought she'd seen the last of cops and courtrooms-but if she agrees to join the Bergen Evening Star's crime bureau, foul play and forensics will be her daily fare. Natalie puts off the decision by getting involved in a newsroom mystery: who is sending anonymous letters filled with riddles and hidden clues to the Star's elderly (and easily rattled) advice columnist? It's just a game to Natalie and her psychologist friend, Rebecca Elias, until the solutions point to the murder of an alcoholic bankrupt, a man whose political career was ruined by the Star some twenty years earlier.

When she finds the body of a second victim, Natalie's mind is made up: whoever it was that burned off the dead man's face must pay. But when the trail of clues doubles back to the Star's corporate headquarters, the question suddenly becomes: will there be a paper left to work for when it's all over?

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ISBN 0-9669877-1-3

 "...Sturdy prose and diverting subplots fill the second (following The Hatch and Brood of Time) in a projected four title series." ­Library Journal

"Whimsical mystery. Larson knows her way around newspapers and around Bergen County. The sense of place is flawless." ­Newark Star-Ledger

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