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As you will see if you look around this site, I write fiction, too. As a writer, no one is more leery than I am about paying someone real money to edit, critique, or otherwise analyze my work. Not that it doesn't need it, of course—I earn a living as an editor, so I am well aware of how important critical analysis is for any written work. But what if I don't get anything out of it? What if it makes me feel miserable? What if I think it's a load of hooey?

Simply put, sometimes a writer clicks with an editor; sometimes they don't. The Internet, which makes such things as on-line coaching and editing possible, makes getting to know one another before we commit to a coach-writer relationship impossible. The only way to find out is to give it a whirl. This is why I offer a free trial.

Here's how it works: You send me 500 or so words of whatever you want, fiction or non-fiction, and I'll read it and give you my feedback. You can let me loose to "do my thing," or specify a topic you'd like me to focus on —characterization, POV, style, word choice, theme—anything you like.

There's no better way to find out if you're going to get anything out of our partnership than by experiencing it. If you find it beneficial, you can think about continuing. If you don't, you're under no obligation to do anything else. If we click, we'll carry on by email attachment.


Once you become a coaching client, you set the agenda. My job is to give you informed feedback on the issues that are important to you. You also set the budget. For coaching I charge by the hour—and only for time I actually spend writing feedback. Repeat, I do not charge for the time I spend reading your work. I work with both fiction and non-fiction.

As our relationship grows, you'll find yourself saying "give me two hours on such and such a piece, or focusing on such and such an issue," or "tell me when I've spent more than a hundred and fifty bucks." Conversely, I'll let you know if I think you're giving me too much to read relative to your budget. But it's not usually a problem; the best feedback is the kind that digs deep, not spreads itself thin.

Editing & Critiquing

Although my main focus is coaching, I am also willing to provide the more formal services of substantive editing and critiquing of penultimate draft and final works, both fiction and non-fiction. Send me the details (description, word count, what you're looking for, and time frame) and I'll be happy to quote you a fee.

Fee schedule

  • Trial (500 words from you; an hour or so from me):Free

  • Coaching:Per hour

  • Minimum initial (after trial) contract is two hours

  • Editing and Critiquing:Per quote

  • There is an additional fee for rush work+25%

  • Payment by PayPal or by check.

Getting started

For further details and rates, please drop me a line.

If you're ready to start, cut and paste your 500 words in an email and
send it to me at no cost and with commitment from you.